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Challenging the Best HEVC Fractional Pixel FPGA Interpolators With Reconfigurable and Multifrequency Approximate Computing

Carlo Sau , Francesca Palumbo , Maxime Pelcat , Julien Heulot , Erwan Nogues et al.
IEEE Embedded Systems Letters, 2017, 9 (3), pp.65 - 68. ⟨10.1109/LES.2017.2703585⟩
Journal articles hal-01667826v1

Concrétions des dépôts silico-clastiques: origine et apports en stratigraphie génétique

Marie-Pierre Dabard , Alfredo Loi , Florentin Paris
12 ème Congrès de l' Association des Sédimentologistes Français, Oct 2009, Rennes, France. pp.92
Conference papers insu-00573251v1
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A Palaeozoic open shelf benthic assemblage in a protected marine environment

Muriel Vidal , Alfredo Loi , Marie-Pierre Dabard , Arnaud Botquelen
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 2011, 306 (1-2), pp.27-40. ⟨10.1016/j.palaeo.2011.03.025⟩
Journal articles insu-00609440v1

Biostratigraphical calibration of third order Ordovician sequences on the northern Gondwana platform

Blaise Videt , Florentin Paris , Jean-Loup Rubino , Kheira Boumendjel , Marie-Pierre Dabard et al.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 2010, 296 (3-4), pp.359-375. ⟨10.1016/j.palaeo.2010.03.050⟩
Journal articles istex insu-00604978v1

Preservation of the Miocene Atacama Gravels in Vallenar area, Northern Chilean Andes: Climate, Stratigraphic or Tectonic control

Thierry Nalpas , Marie-Pierre Dabard , Luisa Pinto , Alfredo Loi
12 ème Congrès de l' Association des Sédimentologistes Français, Oct 2009, Rennes, France. pp.242
Conference papers insu-00573262v1

The Late Ordovician glacio-eustatic record from a high-latitude storm-dominated shelf succession: The Bou Ingarf section (Anti-Atlas, Southern Morocco)

Alfredo Loi , J.-F. Ghienne , Marie-Pierre Dabard , Florentin Paris , Arnaud Botquelen et al.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 2010, 296 (3-4), pp.332-358. ⟨10.1016/j.palaeo.2010.01.018⟩
Journal articles istex insu-00563940v1

U-Pb age constraints on Carboniferous-Permian French continental basins - implications for their depositional history and correlations with European basins

Mathilde Mercuzot , Camille Rossignol , Sylvie Bourquin , J. Ramezani , Céline Ducassou et al.
CONGRESSO SGI-SIMP 2022, Sep 2022, Torino, Italy. , Abstract book, pp.1026, 2022
Conference poster insu-03788196v1

Stabilization of switched affine systems: An application to the buck-boost converter

Daniele Corona , Jean Buisson , Bart de Schutter , Alessandro Giua
2007 American Control Conference, 2007, New-York, United States. pp.6037 - 6042
Conference papers hal-00176529v1
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Towards Quality Assurance of Software Product Lines with Adversarial Configurations

Paul Temple , Mathieu Acher , Gilles Perrouin , Battista Biggio , Jean-Marc Jézéquel et al.
SPLC 2019 - 23rd International Systems and Software Product Line Conference, Sep 2019, Paris, France. pp.277-288, ⟨10.1145/3336294.3336309⟩
Conference papers hal-02287616v1

Analyse du signal eustatique de l'Ordovicien supérieur dans l'Anti-Atlas (Sud Maroc)

Alfredo Loi , Jean-François Ghienne , Marie-Pierre Dabard , Florentin Paris , Muriel Vidal et al.
12 ème Congrès de l' Association des Sédimentologistes Français, Oct 2009, Rennes, France. pp.212
Conference papers insu-00573241v1
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Toward a Uniform Approach to the Unfolding of Nets

Eric Fabre , Giovanni Michele Pinna
DisCoTec 2018 - 13th International Federated Conference on Distributed Computing Techniques, Jun 2018, Madrid, Spain. pp.21-36
Conference papers hal-01943666v1
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Empirical Assessment of Generating Adversarial Configurations for Software Product Lines

Paul Temple , Gilles Perrouin , Mathieu Acher , Battista Biggio , Jean-Marc Jézéquel et al.
Empirical Software Engineering, 2020, 26 (6), pp.1-57. ⟨10.1007/s10664-020-09915-7⟩
Journal articles hal-03045797v1
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NeuPow: A CAD Methodology for High Level Power Estimation Based on Machine Learning

Yehya Nasser , Carlo Sau , Jean-Christophe Prévotet , Tiziana Fanni , Francesca Palumbo et al.
ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems, 2020, 25 (5), pp.1-29. ⟨10.1145/3388141⟩
Journal articles hal-02518770v1

NeuPow: artificial neural networks for power and behavioral modeling of arithmetic components in 45nm ASICs technology

Yehya Nasser , Carlo Sau , Jean-Christophe Prévotet , Tiziana Fanni , Francesca Palumbo et al.
the 16th ACM International Conference, Apr 2019, Alghero, Italy. pp.183-189
Conference papers hal-02165618v1
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TRY plant trait database – enhanced coverage and open access

Jens Kattge , Gerhard Bonisch , Sandra Díaz , Sandra Lavorel , Iain Colin Prentice et al.
Global Change Biology, 2020, 26 (1), pp.119-188. ⟨10.1111/gcb.14904⟩
Journal articles hal-02434220v1
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A Cenozoic-style scenario for the end-Ordovician glaciation

Jean-François Ghienne , André Desrochers , Thijs R.A. Vandenbroucke , Aïcha Achab , Esther Asselin et al.
Nature Communications, 2014, 5 (1), pp.4485. ⟨10.1038/ncomms5485⟩
Journal articles insu-01184742v1

Runtime Energy versus Quality Tuning in Motion Compensation Filters for HEVC

Francesca Palumbo , Carlo Sau , Davide Evangelista , Paolo Meloni , Maxime Pelcat et al.
Conference papers hal-01415965v1


Filippo Brandolini , Mauro Cremasch , Andrea Zerboni , Michele Degli Esposti , Guido S. Mariani et al.
Archeologia e Calcolatori, 2020, 31 (2), pp.33-45. ⟨10.19282/ac.31.2.2020.04⟩
Journal articles hal-03127614v1
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Combined Experimental/Theoretical Study on the Luminescent Properties of Homoleptic/Heteroleptic Erbium(III) Anilate-Based 2D Coordination Polymers

Suchithra Ashoka Sahadevan , Fabio Manna , Alexandre Abhervé , Mariangela Oggianu , Noemi Monni et al.
Inorganic Chemistry, 2021, 60 (23), pp.17765-17774. ⟨10.1021/acs.inorgchem.1c02386⟩
Journal articles hal-03452303v1

Hardware/Software self-adaptation in CPS The CERBERO project approach

F. Palumbo , T. Fanni , C. Sau , A. Rodríguez , D. Madronal et al.
19th International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems Architectures, Modeling, and Simulation, SAMOS 2019, Jul 2019, Pythagorion, Greece. pp.416-428, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-27562-4_30⟩
Conference papers hal-02309555v1

Preservation of the Miocene Atacama Gravels in Vallenar area, Northern Chilean Andes: Climate, Stratigraphic or Tectonic control

Thierry Nalpas , Marie-Pierre Dabard , Luisa Pinto , Alfredo Loi
XII Congreso Geologico Chileno, Nov 2009, Santiago, Chile
Conference papers insu-01225300v1
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Spreading nets: a uniform approach to unfoldings

G. Michele Michele Pinna , Eric Fabre
Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming, 2020, 112, pp.1 - 33. ⟨10.1016/j.jlamp.2020.100526⟩
Journal articles hal-03130461v1
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Sedimentation and preservation of the Miocene Atacama Gravels in the Pedernales-Chañaral Area, Northern Chile: Climatic or Tectonic Control?

Thierry Nalpas , Marie-Pierre Dabard , Gilles Ruffet , Antoine Vernon , Constantino Mpodozis et al.
Tectonophysics, 2008, 259, pp.161-173. ⟨10.1016/j.tecto.2007.10.013⟩
Journal articles insu-00334711v1
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Cyclostratigraphy of the Middle to Upper Ordovician successions of the Armorican Massif (western France) using portable X-ray fluorescence

Matthias Sinnesael , Alfredo Loi , Marie-Pierre Dabard , Thijs Vandenbroucke , Philippe Claeys et al.
Geochronology, 2022, 4 (1), pp.251-267. ⟨10.5194/gchron-4-251-2022⟩
Journal articles hal-03670056v1
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Fluropyrimidine single agent or doublet chemotherapy as second line treatment in advanced biliary tract cancer

Cindy Neuzillet , Andrea Casadei‐gardini , Bertrand Brieau , Caterina Vivaldi , Giovanni Brandi et al.
International Journal of Cancer, 2020, 147 (11), pp.3177-3188. ⟨10.1002/ijc.33146⟩
Journal articles hal-02929354v1

T helper subsets changes in alemtuzumab multiple sclerosis treated patients: the recovery of immune system capacity as a possible indicator to treatment

S. F. de Mercanti , S. Rolla , A. Cucci , V. Bardina , A. Vacca et al.
Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 2015, 31st Congress of the European-Committee-for-Treatment-and-Research-in-Multiple-Sclerosis (ECTRIMS), Barcelona, SPAIN, OCT 07-10, 2015, 21 (11), pp.550
Journal articles hal-01259389v1
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Multi-Purpose Systems: A Novel Dataflow-Based Generation and Mapping Strategy

Nicolas Siret , Matthieu Wipliez , Jean François Nezan , Francesca Palumbo , Luigi Raffo et al.
2012 IEEE International Symposium of Circuits and Systems, May 2012, South Korea. pp.NC
Conference papers hal-00763812v1

Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment

Roberto Perdisci , Clémentine Maurice , Giorgio Giacinto , Magnus Almgren
Springer, 11543, 2019, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-22038-9⟩
Books hal-02881933v1
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Provenance of Ediacaran-Ordovician sediments of the Medio Armorican Domain, Brittany, West France: Constraints from U/Pb detrital zircon and Sm Nd isotope data

Marie-Pierre Dabard , Alfredo Loi , Pamela Pavanetto , Mattia Alessio Meloni , Natalia Hauser et al.
Gondwana Research, 2021, 90, pp.63-76. ⟨10.1016/⟩
Journal articles insu-03011282v1

Editorial : Special issue related to the 2008 IFAC world congress

Alessandro Giua , Hervé Guéguen , J. Zaytoon
Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems, 2010, pp.217-218. ⟨10.1016/j.nahs.2010.03.001⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00808451v1