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Species-Specificity and Mimicry in Bird Song - Are They Paradoxes - a Reevaluation of Song Mimicry in the European Starling

Martine Hausberger , Peter F. Jenkins , J. Keene
Behaviour, 1991, 117, pp.53--81. ⟨10.1163/156853991X00120⟩
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Secondary-Tertiary Transition in Mathematics Education

Ghislaine Gueudet , Mike Thomas
Encyclopedia of Mathematics Education, Springer International Publishing, pp.762-766, 2020, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-15789-0_100026⟩
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Challenging the promotion of antidepressants for nonsevere depression

A Braillon , J Lexchin , J H Noble , D Menkes , L M'Sahli et al.
Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 2019, 139 (3), pp.294-295. ⟨10.1111/acps.13010⟩
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Predicting attitudinal and behavioral responses to COVID-19 pandemic using machine learning

Tomislav Pavlović , Flavio Azevedo , Koustav De , Julián Riaño-Moreno , Marina Maglić et al.
PNAS Nexus, 2022, 1 (3), ⟨10.1093/pnasnexus/pgac093⟩
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Polarization sensitivity characterization under normal incidence of a multiple quantum wells saturable absorber nonlinear mirror as a function of the temperature of the chip

Elodie Le Cren , Sebastien Lobo , Sylvain Feve , Jean-Claude Simon
Optics Communications, 2005, Vol.254 (Issues 1-3), pp.96-103. ⟨10.1016/j.optcom.2005.05.024⟩
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Fault-Tolerant Online Scheduling Algorithms for CubeSats

Petr Dobiáš , Emmanuel Casseau , Oliver Sinnen
PARMA-DITAM’20 - 11th Workshop on Parallel Programming and Run-Time Management Techniques for Many-core Architecture, 9th Workshop on Design Tools and Architectures for Multicore Embedded Computing Platforms, Jan 2020, Bologna, Italy
Conference papers hal-02461164v1
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Comparison of Enhancing Methods for Primary/Backup Approach Meant for Fault Tolerant Scheduling

Petr Dobiáš , Emmanuel Casseau , Oliver Sinnen
[Research Report] Univ Rennes, Inria, CNRS, IRISA, France. 2021
Reports hal-03405142v1
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Improving the CubeSat Reliability Thanks to a Multiprocessor System using Fault Tolerant Online Scheduling

Petr Dobiáš , Emmanuel Casseau , Oliver Sinnen
Microprocessors and Microsystems: Embedded Hardware Design , 2021, 85, pp.1-12. ⟨10.1016/j.micpro.2021.104312⟩
Journal articles hal-03317768v1
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Influence of inoculum and anode surface properties on the selection of Geobacter-dominated biofilms

Audrey S. Commault , Frédéric Barrière , Laure Lapinsonnière , Gavin Lear , Solène Bouvier et al.
Bioresource Technology, 2015, 195, pp.265-272. ⟨10.1016/j.biortech.2015.06.141⟩
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National identity predicts public health support during a global pandemic

Jay Van Bavel , Aleksandra Cichocka , Valerio Capraro , Hallgeir Sjåstad , John B. Nezlek et al.
Nature Communications, 2022, 13 (1), pp.1-14. ⟨10.1038/s41467-021-27668-9⟩
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FROG Characterisation of SOA-based wavelength conversion using XPM in conjunction with shifted filtering up to line rates of 80 GHz

Aisling M. Clarke , Gwenaëlle Girault , Prince M. Anandarajah , Laurent Bramerie , Celine Guignard et al.
19th annual meeting of the IEEE Laser and Electro-Optics Society (LEOS 2006) [ ], Oct 2006, Montreal, Canada. pp.152-153, ⟨10.1109/LEOS.2006.278919⟩
Conference papers hal-00148933v1
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Poster: Fault-Tolerant Multi-Processor Scheduling with Backup Copy Technique

Petr Dobiáš , Emmanuel Casseau , Oliver Sinnen
Conference on Design and Architectures for Signal and Image Processing (DASIP), Sep 2017, Dresden, Germany
Conference poster hal-01610745v1

Performance of 80 Gb/s OTDM System Employing Gain-Switched Pulses Compressed by a Linearly and a Nonlinearly Chirped Grating

Prince M. Anandarajah , Aisling M. Clarke , Celine Guignard , Laurent Bramerie , Liam P. Barry et al.
32nd European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC 2006) [ ], Sep 2006, Cannes, France. Vol.4, pp.181-182
Conference papers hal-00148926v1

Analysis of bit rate dependence up to 80 Gbit/s of a simple wavelength converter based on XPM in a SOA and a shifted filtering

Gwenaëlle Girault , Aisling M. Clarke , Douglas A. Reid , Laurent Bramerie , Celine Guignard et al.
Optics Communications, 2008, Vol.28 (Issue 23), pp. 5731-5738. ⟨10.1016/j.optcom.2008.08.036⟩
Journal articles hal-00352793v1
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Numerical investigation of a feed-forward linewidth reduction scheme using a mode-locked laser model of reduced complexity

Sean P O'Duill , Mohamed Omar Sahni , Stéphane Trébaol , Pascal Landais , Laurent Bramerie et al.
Applied optics, 2018, 57 (22), pp.E89. ⟨10.1364/AO.57.000E89⟩
Journal articles hal-02400574v1
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Comparison of Different Methods Making Use of Backup Copies for Fault-Tolerant Scheduling on Embedded Multiprocessor Systems

Petr Dobiáš , Emmanuel Casseau , Oliver Sinnen
DASIP 2018 - Conference on Design and Architectures for Signal and Image Processing, Oct 2018, Porto, Portugal. pp.1-7
Conference papers hal-01942186v1
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Restricted Scheduling Windows for Dynamic Fault-Tolerant Primary/Backup Approach-Based Scheduling on Embedded Systems

Petr Dobiáš , Emmanuel Casseau , Oliver Sinnen
SCOPES '18 - 21th International Workshop on Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems, May 2018, Sankt Goar, Germany. pp.27-30, ⟨10.1145/3207719.3207724⟩
Conference papers hal-01942185v1

Comparison of hybrid control techniques for buck and boost DC-DC converters

Sébastien Mariéthoz , Stefan Almer , Mihai Bâja , Giovanni Beccuti , Diego Patino et al.
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 2010, 18 (5), pp.1126-1145. ⟨10.1109/TCST.2009.2035306⟩
Journal articles hal-00481024v1

Song categories and their functions in the European starling

Martine Hausberger , Peter F. Jenkins
20th International Ornithological Congress, Dec 1990, Christchurch, New Zealand. pp.1262-1272
Conference papers hal-01328877v1
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The mass of β Pictoris c from β Pictoris b orbital motion

S. Lacour , J. J. Wang , L. Rodet , M. Nowak , J. Shangguan et al.
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2021, 654, pp.L2. ⟨10.1051/0004-6361/202141889⟩
Journal articles hal-03371794v1
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Cultural connections and mathematical manipulations

B. Barton , Caroline Poisard , M. Domite
For the Learning of Mathematics, 2006, 26 (2), pp.21-24
Journal articles halshs-00856440v1
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Océan de danger ou océan de richesse ? Accès aux ressources et aléas côtiers aux Philippines

Jean-Christophe Gaillard , Emmanuel Maceda , Elodie Stasiak , Iwan I. Le Berre , M.V.O Espaldon et al.
Leone Frédéric; Vinet Freddy. Le littoral : caractérisation et gestion d'un espace à risque, 4, pp.41-48, 2013, Le littoral : caractérisation et gestion d'un espace à risque, 978-2-36781-002-7
Book sections halshs-01273983v1
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Contrasting genomic and phenotypic outcomes of hybridization between pairs of mimetic butterfly taxa across a suture zone

Jérémy Gauthier , Donna Lisa De‐silva , Zachariah Gompert , Annabel Whibley , Céline Houssin et al.
Molecular Ecology, 2020, 29 (7), pp.1328-1343. ⟨10.1111/mec.15403⟩
Journal articles hal-02800429v1

Online Fault Tolerant Energy-Aware Algorithm for CubeSats

Petr Dobiáš , Emmanuel Casseau , Oliver Sinnen
Sustainable Computing : Informatics and Systems, 2023, pp.100853. ⟨10.1016/j.suscom.2023.100853⟩
Journal articles hal-04033761v1

The use of song repertoire changes with pairing status in male European starling

Laurence Henry , Martine Hausberger , Peter F. Jenkins
Bioacoustics, 1994, 5 (4), pp.261-266. ⟨10.1080/09524622.1994.9753256⟩
Journal articles hal-01309377v1

Sediment Supply and Channel Morphology Feedbacks in Bedrock and Gravel-Bed Rivers

Edwin Baynes , Heide Friedrich , Dimitri Lague , Philippe Steer , Stéphane Bonnet et al.
American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2019, American Geophysical Union, Dec 2019, San Francisco, United States. pp.EP31B-07
Conference papers insu-02402501v1

Complex organization of the warbling song in the european starling Sturnus vulgaris

Martine Hausberger , Peter F. Jenkins
Behaviour, 1988, 107 (3-4), pp.138-156. ⟨10.1163/156853988X00322⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01319776v1
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Frequency noise reduction performance of a feed-forward heterodyne technique: application to an actively mode-locked laser diode

Mohamed Omar Sahni , Stephane Trebaol , Laurent Bramerie , Michel Joindot , Sean P O'Duill et al.
Optics Letters, 2017, 42 (19), pp.4000-4003. ⟨10.1364/ol.42.004000⟩
Journal articles hal-01959533v1
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Remediation of an aged PCP-contaminated soil by chemical oxidation under flow-through conditions

V. Rybnikova , N. Singhal , K Hanna
Chemical Engineering Journal, 2017, 314, pp.202-211. ⟨10.1016/j.cej.2016.12.120⟩
Journal articles hal-01475805v1
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Evaluation of the Fault-Tolerant Online Scheduling Algorithms for CubeSats

Petr Dobiáš , Emmanuel Casseau , Oliver Sinnen
DSD 2020 - 23rd EUROMICRO Conference on Digital System Design, Aug 2020, Portoroz, Slovenia. pp.1-11
Conference papers hal-02927553v1