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Franchisees’ Resale Price Policy Facing Legal, Contractual and Professional Constraints: Insights from European and French Perspectives

Guy Basset , Rozenn Perrigot
Research in Law and Economics, 2015, 27, pp.119-142. ⟨10.1108/S0193-589520150000027009⟩
Journal articles halshs-01238501v1

The influence of organizational form and customer type on online customer satisfaction ratings

Rozenn Perrigot , Benjamin Lawrence
Séminaire M@rsouin : mesure & analyse des usages numériques, May 2013, Saint-Malo, France
Conference papers halshs-00830427v1

Antecedents of early adoption and use of social networks for stakeholder communications: Evidence from franchising

Rozenn Perrigot , Manish Kacker , Guy Basset , Gérard Cliquet
Journal of Small Business Management, 2012, 50, pp.539-565
Journal articles halshs-00744548v1

Examining the drivers for franchised chains performance through the lens of the dynamic capabilities approach

Assâad El Akremi , Rozenn Perrigot , Isabelle Piot-Lepetit
Journal of Small Business Management, 2015, 53 (1), pp.145-165. ⟨10.1111/jsbm.12059⟩
Journal articles istex halshs-01102009v1

Plural form chain and efficiency: Insights from the French hotel chains and the DEA methodology

Rozenn Perrigot , Gérard Cliquet , Isabelle Piot-Lepetit
European Management Journal, 2009, 27, pp.268-280
Journal articles halshs-00422241v1

Plural form and performance: Some preliminary evidence from US franchising networks

Rozenn Perrigot
International Conference on Economics and Management of Networks (EMNet),, Sep 2009, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 20 p
Conference papers halshs-00422299v1

The Effect of Regulatory Uncertainty on Organizational Form Decisions: Evidence from Within the Firm

N. Wilson , F. Lafontaine , Rozenn Perrigot
23rd Annual International Society of Franchising Conference, Feb 2009, San Diego, United States. 22 p
Conference papers halshs-00422321v1

The Impact of Having Both Franchised Stores and Company-owned Stores Within a Same Network on the Internationalization - Empirical Results from the us and French Franchising Networks,

Rozenn Perrigot
Annual Meeting of the Northeast Decision Sciences Institute,, Mar 2008, New York, United States. 21 p
Conference papers halshs-00422339v1

Survival analysis along a hotel chain classification in France. Influence of network managerial form and nationality on the fall in the classification

Rozenn Perrigot , Gérard Cliquet
Welsh D., Alon I. International Franchising in Development Markets: Western & Northern Europe, CHH Publishing, pp.227-256, 2003
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Rozenn Perrigot , Guy Basset , Gérard Cliquet
2010 ISoF Conference, Jun 2010, SYDNEY, Australia. 18 p
Conference papers halshs-00496201v1

Handbook of Research on Franchising

Frank Hoy , Rozenn Perrigot , Andrew Terry
Edward Elgar Publishing, pp.640, 2017, 978-1785364174
Books halshs-02024905v1
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Conflict management capabilities in franchising

Rozenn Perrigot , Begona López-Fernández , Guy Basset
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 2021, 63, pp.102694. ⟨10.1016/j.jretconser.2021.102694⟩
Journal articles hal-03335742v1
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Who wants to be a franchisee? Explaining individual intentions to become franchisees

Evelien Croonen , Hans van Der Bij , Rozenn Perrigot , Assaad El Akremi , Olivier Herrbach et al.
International Small Business Journal, 2022, 40 (1), pp.90-112. ⟨10.1177/02662426211013669⟩
Journal articles hal-03281669v2

Survival of franchising networks in France from 1992 to 2002

Rozenn Perrigot , Gérard Cliquet
18th Annual Conference of ISOF, Mar 2004, Las Vegas, United States
Conference papers halshs-00078407v1

El futuro de los hipermercados en España: ¿Qué aprender de la experiencia francesa?

Gérard Cliquet , Rozenn Perrigot , Irene Gil Saura
Información Comercial Española-Revista de Economía, 2006, 828, pp.35-52
Journal articles halshs-00098332v1

Organizational Form and Performance: Evidence from the Hotel Industry

Renata Kosova , Francine Lafontaine , Rozenn Perrigot
Review of Economics and Statistics, 2013, 95 (4), pp.1303-1323. ⟨10.1162/REST_a_00330⟩
Journal articles halshs-00903514v1
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Entrepreneurial orientation rhetoric in franchise organizations: The impact of national culture

Anna Watson , O. Lola Dada , Olufunmilola (lola) Dada , Owen Wright , Rozenn Perrigot et al.
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 2019, 43 (4), pp.751-772. ⟨10.1177/1042258717738519⟩
Journal articles halshs-01615121v1

Fifty Years Of Non-Specialized Retailing In France: A Focus On The Evolution Of Hypermarkets, Supermarkets And Hard-Discount Stores

Guy Basset , Gérard Cliquet , Rozenn Perrigot
15th International Conference on
Recent Advances in Retailing and Consumer Services Science
, Jul 2008, Zagreb, Croatia. 20 p
Conference papers halshs-00341572v1

50 ans de grandes surfaces en France : et maintenant ?

Gérard Cliquet , Rozenn Perrigot , Guy Basset
XVIème colloque Etienne Thil, Oct 2013, Paris, France
Conference papers halshs-00873110v1

Efficiency Within a Plural Form Network: A DEA Application to Franchised Hotels and Company-Owned Hotels

Rozenn Perrigot
Feb 2007, 31 p
Conference papers halshs-00151049v1

Multi-channel communication: the case of Subway attracting new franchisees in France

Rozenn Perrigot , Guy Basset , Gérard Cliquet
International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 2011, 39 (6), pp.434-455
Journal articles halshs-00629772v1

Does the Retailing Wheel Still Work ? The Case of the Hard Discount Stores in France,

Rozenn Perrigot , Guy Basset , Gérard Cliquet
14th EAERCD Conference, Jun 2007, Saarbrücken, Germany. pp.12
Conference papers halshs-00188772v1

Innovative ways to attract prospective franchisees : Some insights from French franchisors' practices

Rozenn Perrigot , Guy Basset , Gérard Cliquet
International Conference on Economics and Management of Networks (EMNet),, Sep 2009, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 17 p
Conference papers halshs-00422302v1

Resale prices in franchising: insights from franchisee perspectives

Rozenn Perrigot , Guy Basset , Brinja Meiseberg
Journal of Product and Brand Management, 2016, 25 (7), pp.663 - 675. ⟨10.1108/JPBM-03-2015-0831⟩
Journal articles halshs-01615113v1

Incidence of Plural Forms in Franchise Networks: Exploratory Comparative Empirical Insights from USA, France, and Brazil

Rozenn Perrigot , Gérard Cliquet , Rajiv P. Dant
Proceedings of the 20th Annual International Society of Franchising Conference, Feb 2006, pp.26
Conference papers halshs-00010404v1

Plural Form Networks: Evidence from a Multi-Countries Empirical Study

Rozenn Perrigot
Proceedings of the International Conference on Economics and Management of Networks – EMNet, Special Topics: Franchising Networks, Cooperative Networks, Joint Ventures, and Strategic Alliances, Sep 2005, pp.16
Conference papers halshs-00010408v1

Services Vs. Retail Networks: Are There Any Differences? An Empirical Look At The French Franchised Networks

Rozenn Perrigot
Proceedings of the 20th Annual International Society of Franchising Conference, Feb 2006, pp.22
Conference papers halshs-00010403v1

Using Websites to Recruit Franchisee Candidates

Begoña López-Fernández , Rozenn Perrigot
Journal of Interactive Marketing, 2018, 42, pp.80 - 94. ⟨10.1016/j.intmar.2018.02.003⟩
Journal articles halshs-01767429v1

Determinants of corporate social disclosure in the franchising sector: insights from French franchisors’ websites

Rozenn Perrigot , Bruno Oxibar , Frédérique Déjean
Journal of Small Business Management, 2015, 53 (2), pp.321-339. ⟨10.2139/ssrn.2005702⟩
Journal articles hal-01371726v1

Services vs retail chains: are there any differences ?

Rozenn Perrigot
International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 2006, 34 (12), pp. 918-930
Journal articles halshs-00123304v1