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Seed dispersal versus seed predation: an inter-site comparison of two related African monkeys

Annie Gautier-Hion , Jean-Pierre Gautier , Fiona G. Maisels
Advances in vegetation science 15 - Part 3, pp.237--244, 1993, Frugivory and seed dispersal: ecological and evolutionary aspects, 978-94-010-4767-8. ⟨10.1007/978-94-011-1749-4_17⟩
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Group Composition in Wild and Commensal Hamadryas Baboons - a Comparative-Study in Saudi-Arabia

Sylvain Biquand , Veronique Biquand , Ahmed Boug , Jean-Pierre Gautier
International Journal of Primatology, 1992, 13 (5), pp.533--543. ⟨10.1007/BF02547831⟩
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Status and conservation of the sun-tailed guenon Cercopithecus solatus, Gabon's endemic monkey

David Brugiere , Jean-Pierre Gautier
Oryx, 1999, 33 (1), pp.67--74. ⟨10.1046/j.1365-3008.1999.00036.x⟩
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Adaptation au milieu naturel d'un jeune Cercopithecus solatus sauvage élevé à la main

Marie-Claire Fleury , Jean-Pierre Gautier
Revue d'Ecologie, Terre et Vie, 1998, 53 (3), pp.273--287
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La nage chez les cercopithèques arboricoles

Annie Gautier-Hion , Jean-Pierre Gautier
Revue d'Ecologie, Terre et Vie, 1971, 1971 (1), pp.67-75
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Vocal structure convergence and social life in guenons (Cercopithecus mona campbelli campbelli)

Alban Lemasson , Jean-Pierre Gautier , Martine Hausberger
XIXth Congress of the International Society of Primatology, Aug 2002, Beijing, China
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Vocal communication within a monkey group: an exhaustive analysis by biotelemetry

Jean-Pierre Gautier , Annie Gautier-Hion
Charles T. Snowdon; Michael R. Petersen. Primate Communication, Cambridge University Press, pp.5-29, 1982, 978-0521246903
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Interspecific affinities among guenons as deduced from vocalizations

Jean-Pierre Gautier
Annie Gautier-Hion; François Bourlière ; Jean-Pierre Gautier ; Jonathan Kingdon. A Primate Radiation: Evolutionary Biology of the African Guenons, Cambridge University Press, pp.194-226, 1988, 9780521335232
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Biotelemetry of the Vocalizations of a Group of Monkeys

Jean-Pierre Gautier
International Conference on Telemetry and Radio Tracking in Biology and Medicine, University of Oxford, Mar 1979, Oxford, United Kingdom. pp.535-544, ⟨10.1016/B978-0-08-024928-5.50069-5⟩
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Attacks by Crowned Hawk Eagles (stephanoaetus-Coronatus) on Monkeys in Zaire

Fiona G. Maisels , Jean-Pierre Gautier , Alick J. Cruickshank , Jean-Pierre Bosefe
Folia Primatologica, 1993, 61 (3), pp.157--159. ⟨10.1159/000156743⟩
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La Communication vocale chez les singes

Jean-Pierre Gautier , Bertrand L. Deputte
La Recherche, 1983, 14 (140), pp.52--63
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The Distribution of Cercopithecus (Lhoesti) Solatus, an Endemic Guenon of Gabon

Jean-Pierre Gautier , F. Moysan , A. T. C. Feistner , Jean-Noël Loireau , R. W. Cooper et al.
Revue d'Ecologie, Terre et Vie, 1992, 47 (4), pp.367--381
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Vocal Quavering: A Basis for Recognition in Forest Guenons

Jean-Pierre Gautier , Annie Gautier-Hion
Dietmar Todt; Philipp Goedeking; David Symmes Primate Vocal Communication, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp.15-30, 1988, 9783642737718. ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-73769-5_2⟩
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Mise au point d’une méthode télémétrique d’enregistrement individuel des vocalisations : application a Cercocebus albigena

Jean-Pierre Gautier , Bertrand L. Deputte
Revue d'Ecologie, Terre et Vie, 1975, 29 (2), pp.298-306
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A Primate Radiation

Annie Gautier-Hion , François Bourlière , Jean-Pierre Gautier , Jonathan Kingdon
Cambridge University Press, pp.576, 1988, 9780521335232
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Émissions sonores d'espacement et de ralliement par deux cercopithèques arboricoles

Jean-Pierre Gautier
Biologia Gabonica, 1969, 2, pp.17-30
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Primate diet and biomass in relation to vegetation composition and fruiting phenology in a rain forest in Gabon

David Brugiere , Jean-Pierre Gautier , Augustin Moungazi , Annie Gautier-Hion
International Journal of Primatology, 2002, 23 (5), pp.999--1024. ⟨10.1023/A:1019693814988⟩
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Do black colobus in mixed-species groups benefit from increased foraging efficiency?

Annie Gautier-Hion , Jean-Pierre Gautier , Augustin Moungazi
Comptes rendus de l’Académie des sciences. Série III, Sciences de la vie, 1997, 320 (1), pp.67-71. ⟨10.1016/S0764-4469(99)80088-2⟩
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Vocal similarities and social bonds in Campbell's monkey (Cercopithecus campbelli)

Alban Lemasson , Jean-Pierre Gautier , Martine Hausberger
Comptes Rendus Biologies, 2003, 326 (12), pp.1185-1193. ⟨10.1016/j.cvri.2003.10.005⟩
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A brief note on the effects of the removal of individuals on social behaviour in a captive group of campbell's monkeys (Cercopithecus campbelli campbelli): a case study

Alban Lemasson , Jean-Pierre Gautier , Martine Hausberger
Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 2005, 91 (3-4), pp.289-296. ⟨10.1016/j.applanim.2004.10.011⟩
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Les Associations polyspécifiques chez les Cercopithecidae du Gabon

Jean-Pierre Gautier , Annie Gautier-Hion
Revue d'Ecologie, Terre et Vie, 1969, 164 (2), pp.164-201
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A redrawn phylogeny of guenons based upon their calls - biogeographical implications

Jean-Pierre Gautier
Bioacoustics, 1989, 2 (1), pp.11-21. ⟨10.1080/09524622.1989.9753110⟩
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Les Associations Polyspécifiques de Cercopithèques du Plateau de M'passa (Gabon) (Part 4 of 4)

Annie Gautier-Hion , Jean-Pierre Gautier
Folia Primatologica, 1974, 22 (2-3), pp.134-177. ⟨10.1159/000317612⟩
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Travaux fondateurs sur la communication sonore chez les primates

Jean-Pierre Gautier , Régine Vercauteren Drubbel
22e Colloque de la Société Francophone de Primatologie, Université de Liège, Oct 2009, Liège, Belgique
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Formal monkey linguistics: The debate

Philippe Schlenker , Emmanuel Chemla , Anne M. Schel , James Fuller , Jean-Pierre Gautier et al.
Theoretical Linguistics, 2016, 42 (1-2), ⟨10.1515/tl-2016-0010⟩
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Similarities and divergences in vocal behaviour among guenons: Phylogenetic and socioecological influences

Jean-Pierre Gautier , Régine Vercauteren Drubbel
20th International Primatological Society (IPS) Congress, Aug 2004, Turin, Italy. pp.198-199
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Field and Laboratory Studies of Vocalizations of Talapoin Monkeys (miopithecus-Talapoin)

Jean-Pierre Gautier
Behaviour, 1974, 51 (3-4), pp.209--\&. ⟨10.1163/156853974X00200⟩
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Forest Structure and Fruit Availability as Complementary Factors Influencing Habitat Use by a Troop of Monkeys (cercopithecus Cephus)

Annie Gautier-Hion , Jean-Pierre Gautier , René Quris
Revue d'Ecologie, Terre et Vie, 1981, 35 (4), pp.511-536
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Diets of two sympatric colobines in Zaire: More evidence on seed-eating in forests on poor soils

Fiona G. Maisels , Annie Gautier-Hion , Jean-Pierre Gautier
International Journal of Primatology, 1994, 15 (5), pp.681-701. ⟨10.1007/BF02737427⟩
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Additional data on the distribution of Cercopithecus (Ihoesti) solatus

David Brugiere , Jean-Pierre Gautier , Sally Lahm
Folia Primatologica, 1998, 69 (5), pp.331--336. ⟨10.1159/000021648⟩
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