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Hyperspectral imagery Backscatter Electromagnetic scattering Diffusion électromagnétique Télédétection Method of Moments Polarimetry SAR Tomography Filtering Image lossy compression Image analysis Arrays Geophysical techniques Radar imaging Interface roughness Remote sensing by radar Bias Antennas Image classification PolSAR Classification Polarimetric SAR Radar scattering Measurement Terrain mapping Signal processing Estimation Radar polarimetry Multichannel images Multivariate statistics Polarimétrie radar RADAR Synthetic aperture radar SAR Vegetation Surface rugueuse Antenna measurements Image compression Biomass Spectroscopy Hyperspectral image Radar remote sensing Synthetic aperture radar Rough surface scattering Color Tomography Image filtering Geophysical measurement technique Geophysical signal processing High resolution Sea ice Compressed sensing 3-D imaging Radar signal processing Blind estimation Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions Hyperspectral imaging Snow Surface scattering Databases Land surface Noise Speckle Ground penetrating radar GPR Unsupervised classification Scattering Discrete cosine transforms Hyperspectral Iterative methods Calibration SAR tomography Image processing Matrix decomposition RADARSAT-2 Image resolution Agricultural monitoring Sea surface MUSIC Time-delay estimation TDE Millimeter waves Interférométrie Forest DCT Density estimation Image reconstruction Interferometry Signal-dependent noise Similarity measure Remote sensing Radar cross section SAR Unsupervised Radar Ground penetrating radar Lossy compression Accuracy Coherence Image denoising Mapping Signal to noise ratio Automation