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About usage of technology for digital arts :experience issued from various fields of applications

Frédéric Noël
International Conference on Digital Arts Media and Technology, Chian-Tai, Feb 2016, Chian Mai, Thailand
Conference papers hal-01424057v1

Research bottlenecks for developping Virtual Reality application

Frédéric Noël
KTUMB workshop, KTUMB, Jul 2016, Bangkok, Thailand
Conference papers hal-01424065v1

Main issues when specifying, designing and developing VR and AR applications.

Frédéric Noël
Through-life Engineering Service Conference, CIRP, Nov 2016, Cranfield, United Kingdom
Conference papers hal-01424070v1

Perspectives on design creativity and innovation research: 10 years later

G Cascini , Y Nagai , G V Georgiev , J Zelaya , N Becattini et al.
International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation, 2022, ⟨10.1080/21650349.2022.2021480⟩
Journal articles hal-03537462v1

Conception par l'usage

Jean-François Boujut
Eric Brangier, Gérard Vallery. Ergonomie : 150 notions-clés. Dictionnaire encyclopédique, Dunod, 2021
Book sections hal-03356142v1

Collaborating with service and digital suppliers for smart product-service systems development: Collaborative configurations based on the social exchange theory

Lucas Santos Dalenogare , Marie-Anne Le Dain , Néstor F. Ayala , Giuditta Pezzotta , Frank Alejandro G. et al.
The Spring Servitization Conference, 2021, Virtual, United Kingdom
Conference papers hal-03358150v1

The shared online whiteboard: An assistance tool to synchronous collaborative design

Stéphanie Mailles-Viard Metz , Philippe René Marin , Emilie Vayre
European Review of Applied Psychology / Revue Européenne de Psychologie Appliquée, 2015, 65 (5), pp.253-265. ⟨10.1016/j.erap.2015.08.001⟩
Journal articles hal-01221800v1

Testing three techniques to elicit additive manufacturing knowledge

Christelle Grandvallet , Franck Pourroy , Guy Prudhomme , Frédéric Vignat
International Joint Conference on Mechanics, Design Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing (JCM 2016), Sep 2016, Catania, Italy
Conference papers hal-01625316v1

Modelling knowledge transfer: A knowledge dynamics perspective

Jonathan Mougin , Jean-François Boujut , Franck Pourroy , Grégory Poussier
Concurrent Engineering: Research and Applications, 2015, 23 (4), pp.308-319. ⟨10.1177/1063293X15592185⟩
Journal articles hal-01205557v1

Open Source Hardware Communities: Investigating Participation in Design Activities

Jean-François Boujut , Franck Pourroy , Philippe René Marin , Jason Xinghang Dai , Gilles Richardot et al.
ICED 2019 - 23rd International Conference on Engineering Design, Aug 2019, Delft, Netherlands. pp.2307-2316, ⟨10.1017/dsi.2019.237⟩
Conference papers hal-02268877v1

Servitization leveraging Smart Products offering

Néstor Fabián Ayala , Lucas Fabichak , Marie-Anne Le Dain , Carolline Amaral , Alejandro Germán Frank et al.
The Spring Servitization Conference, May 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark
Conference papers hal-01969396v1

Automatic requirements extraction, analysis, and graph representation using an approach derived from computational linguistics

Faisal Mokammel , Eric Coatanea , Joonas Coatanéa , Vladislav Nenchev , Eric Blanco et al.
Systems Engineering, 2018, 21 (6), pp.555 - 575. ⟨10.1002/sys.21461⟩
Journal articles hal-01920228v1

Correlation between process openness and collaboration tool usage in open source hardware design: an empirical study

X. Dai , Jean-François Boujut , Franck Pourroy , Philippe René Marin
International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing, 2020, 14, pp.481-489. ⟨10.1007/s12008-019-00632-0⟩
Journal articles hal-02387038v1

A Participative Method for Knowledge Elicitation in collaborative innovation projects

Fatemeh Movahedian , Agnès Front , Dominique Rieu , Armelle Farastier , Christelle Grandvallet et al.
IEEE - International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science, May 2017, Brighton, United Kingdom. ⟨10.1109/RCIS.2017.7956543⟩
Conference papers hal-01491165v1

Analysing the argumentation in an upstream phase of an innovation project

Fatima Abou Eddahab , Guy Prudhomme , Cédric Masclet , Kristine Lund , Jean-François Boujut et al.
Conférence internationale à la 14ème colloque national Produits, Procédés, Systèmes intelligent et durable, Mar 2015, La Plagne, France
Conference papers halshs-01352066v1

Interactive technologies facilitating collaboration between projetists and non-projetists: A laboratory design experience

Angelina Dias Leão Costa , Guillaume Thomann , Frédéric Noël
CIRP 2019 - 29th CIRP Design Conference, May 2019, Povoa de Varzim, Portugal. ⟨10.1016/j.procir.2019.04.245⟩
Conference papers hal-02192643v1

Insertion professionnelle des étudiants autistes

Guillaume Thomann , Véronique Luce , Fabyenne Borloz
Other publications hal-03287245v1

Survey of Model-Based Design Reviews: Practices & Challenges?

Victor Romero , Frédéric Noël , Romain Pinquié
Proceedings of the Design Society: International Conference on Engineering Design, 2022, 2, pp.1945-1954. ⟨10.1017/pds.2022.197⟩
Journal articles hal-03521675v1

Methods for Selecting Level of Automation: A Critical Comparison of Approaches and Integrated Proposal

Anas Salmi , Dhulia Jayavardhan , Joshua D. Summers , Pierre David , Eric Blanco et al.
ASME 2015 Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference - IDETC/CIE 2015, Aug 2015, Boston, MA, United States
Conference papers hal-01236183v1

Analysis of co-design scenarios and activities for the development of a spatial-augmented reality design platform

Federico Morosi , Iacopo Carli , Giandomenico Caruso , Gaetano Cascini , Vimal Dhokia et al.
15th International Design Conference, May 2018, Dubrovnik, Croatia. ⟨10.21278/idc.2018.0504⟩
Conference papers hal-01803304v1

Exploring the performance of augmented reality technologies in co-creative sessions: initial results from controlled experiments

Jamie Alexander O'Hare , Elies Dekoninck , Lorenzo Giunta , Jean-François Boujut , Niccolò Becattini et al.
15th International Design Conference, May 2018, Dubrovnik, Croatia. ⟨10.21278/idc.2018.0391⟩
Conference papers hal-01803309v1

A socio-cognitive analysis of evaluation and idea generation activities during co-creative design sessions supported by spatial augmented reality

Cédric Masclet , Jean-François Boujut , Maud Poulin , Laetitia Baldacchino
International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation, 2020, pp.1-21. ⟨10.1080/21650349.2020.1854122⟩
Journal articles hal-03064809v1

The contribution of IT-leveraging capability for collaborative product development with suppliers

Néstor Fabián Ayala , Marie-Anne Le Dain , Valéry Merminod , Lilia Gzara , Daisy Valle Enrique et al.
Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 2020, 29 (3), pp.101633. ⟨10.1016/j.jsis.2020.101633⟩
Journal articles hal-02956970v1

Virtual Reality Technology for Maintenance Training

Manoch Numfu , Andreas Riel , Frédéric Noël
Applied Science and Engineering Progress, 2020, 13 (3), pp.274-282. ⟨10.14416/j.asep.2020.04.008⟩
Journal articles hal-02915694v1

D1.2 Results from the experimental activities and presentation of the research metrics framework

Jamie O'Hare , Mendy Mombeshora , Clementine Varvatis , Fatma Ben Guefrache , Cédric Masclet et al.
[Research Report] University of Bath. 2016
Reports hal-01885858v1

D2.1 Technologies and techniques - state of the art updates

Giandomenico Caruso , Niccolo Becattini , Frédéric Noël , Andreas Pusch , Philippe Martens et al.
[Research Report] Politecnico de milano. 2016
Reports hal-01885875v1

Investigating Usability of an Innovation Management Decision Aid

Elizabeth Gendreau , Joshua D. Summers , Lamiae Benhayoun-Sadafiyine , Marie-Anne Le Dain
International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (IDETC-CIE 2019), Aug 2019, Anaheim, United States. ⟨10.1115/DETC2019-97801⟩
Conference papers hal-02338092v1

The role of digital capabilities for digital product-service-systems development

Daisy Valle Enrique , Lucas Santos Dalenogare , Marie-Anne Le Dain , Néstor Fabián Ayala , Alejandro Germán Frank et al.
Spring Servitization Conference, May 2019, Linköping, Switzerland
Conference papers hal-02337542v1

Innovation ambidexterity in medium size entreprises.

Pierre Lavayssiere , Eric Blanco , Marie-Anne Le Dain , Chevrier Pierre
The 20h International Conference ICED 15, Jun 2015, Milan, Italy
Conference papers hal-01123665v1

D5.2 Validation with Students

Federico Morosi , Iacopo Carli , Giandomenico Caruso , Jamie O'Hare , Fatma Ben Guefrache et al.
[Research Report] Politecnico de Milano. 2018
Reports hal-02007352v1